Thursday, January 9, 2014

Neon Tribal Nails

So before we get to the nail art, I'd like to explain the very very long absence from blogging.  In the school I attend we do a 300 hour senior project, and as I'm a senior this year, that (along with applying to colleges) has been taking up a lot of my time.  However, applying to colleges is now over, and I hope to have more time to blog.  My plan for the year is at least once a week, and to post manicures that I don't feel deserve an entire post over on my Facebook page. Now onto the nail art!

It's been a very long, very cold, and very dreary winter, so I decided I needed some color to brighten things up around here!  So I threw together this neon rainbow gradient, and tossed some tribal print on there to give it more interest.

On my right hand, I did a simpler version, only doing a two color gradient on each finger and a very simplified tribal print.  I've been out of the nail art game for a while and I wanted to get comfortable again before I tried anything too complex on my right hand.

I also took some step by step photos along the way in case you want to recreate this look to cheer up your bleak winter days!

The first step is to paint all your nails with a base coat, and then two coats of a white polish.  Here I used China Glaze "White on White."

Next get out 6 neon polishes in pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.  The colors I used (in that order) are an unnamed dELiA's pink, an unnamed Sally Girl orange, China Glaze "Celtic Sun" and "I'm With the Lifeguard", and Maybelline Color Show "Shocking Seas" and "Fuchsia Fever."  Paint these colors in stripes onto a make up sponge (I prefer the wedge type) and sponge them gently onto your nails.  You'll need to do two coats of sponging to get the look I have here.

Next, use a black polish and a dotting tool and/or nail art brush (or you can use a black striper polish) to make the tribal print.  I've used Sinful Colors "Black on Black" here.  I find tribal is easiest if you paint on some straight lines first, and then fill in the gaps with patterns and designs of your choosing.

If this seems too complex for you, don't worry!  I've done a simplified version on my right hand that would be perfect for beginning nail artists!

Start with the same white base, but this time, only put two colors on the sponge at a time.  You'll want one finger to go pink to orange, another orange to yellow, etc.  This is what your sponges will look like:

And once the polish is gently sponged on (again, this needs two coats) your nails should look like this:

Now for the tribal, just paint two lines evenly spaced down your nail, and fill the spaces with dots made using your dotting tool.  (If you don't have a dotting tool, and un-bent bobby pin works really well.)  This is super easy, but gives a lot of visual interest!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the nails!
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