Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mermaid Nails

Warning! The following post is very picture heavy!!

So the other day I did the most involved manicure that I've done in a long time.  It probably took me about 2 hours to do just my left hand, but I had Netflix to keep me company.  I used 32 polishes, plus base and top coat for this manicure, and they're all at the end of the post! 

I love this manicure!!! It may have taken forever, but I am absolutely thrilled with the result!
I started by painting each nail in the palest color, then using white polish (Sally Hansen Blac) I traced on the scales design.  Using my dotting tool, I filled in each scale with a different color, and outlined them all in black acrylic paint.  Sometimes I feel like using acrylics is cheating, but this time I really needed precision and TINY lines, so I compromised.

Since this manicure took so long, I decided to do something simpler on my right hand.

I used the dry brush technique, using the same color scheme on each finger that I used on my left hand.  I then stamped over it with Cheeky Plate CH10, as it's the closest plate I had to scales.

The colors I used are in the pictures below:






 Tools used for left hand

 Tools used for right hand

 And here's the ridiculous mess I was left with on my post-it after the mani!

So, what do you guys think? What's your most involved mani? Would you ever do something this complicated?  I personally think it's worth it! 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Nail Art

So these are a little late to be posted, seeing as it's technically Easter right now (when did it get so late?) but here's my Easter mani for this year!

I used a ton of polishes for this. The bases were:
Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet
Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac
Sally Hansen Blue Away
Revlon Gum Drop

If you want to know any of the other colors used, let me know in the comments!

And here's a close up of the thumb since the bunny is my favorite :)

I cant figure out how to flip the picture in blogger, oh well.

And here's the right hand!

I used Wet 'n' Wild's Matte Top Coat on all of the nails (except the bunny and the top half of the chick) to make the eggs look a little more realistic.  Eggs aren't exactly shiny after all.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pastel Chevrons and Pastel Skittle with White Glitter

Since Easter is coming up, I figured I'd post a couple of pastel manis I've had sitting in my nail art folder for a while.  This way you have plenty of time to plan an Easter design if you decide you like one of these!  This is much better than my usual habit of posting a holiday design on the day of the holiday, but I probably will post my Easter mani on Easter.  (My plan is eggs and bunnies.)

But on to the nail art!

I started this design with a base of China Glaze White on White, and once that dried I used the brushes that came in the bottle to do the chevrons in the following colors:
Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac
Revlon Gumdrop
Wet 'n' Wild I Need a Refresh-mint

 Once my base colors were laid down, I cleaned up the lines and added some defintion by using a white striper to outline each chevron.  Because I felt it needed a little sparkle, I used a silver glitter striper by LA Colors to add some pizzazz.

The next mani is a super simple one that anyone can do!  I just grabbed an assortment of pastel polishes, and made a skittle mani that I then covered in a matte white glitter.

The glitter is by E.L.F. and is called Enchanted.  The rest of the polishes are as follows (from thumb to pinkie):
Sally Hansen Blue Away
Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac
Revlon Gumdrop
Wet 'n' Wild I Need a Refresh-mint
Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet

These designs would be great for Easter or just any spring day! I love when spring finally comes back because there's bright colors everywhere!

What's your mani plan for Easter? Do you love to rock pastels?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Pastel Rainbow Leopard Print

So since I wasn't a huge fan of the Elmer's Glue as a base coat for glitter (I lost an entire finger of polish about 3 hours after applying it!) I figured I'd try the other use I've seen people talking about, which is making clean up from gradients easier.

I painted Elmer's Glue around my nails, being careful not to get any on the actual nail itself (when I made a mistake, I just wiped the glue off with a cotton swab) and let it dry.  Then I painted my nails one coat of China Glaze "White on White" and let that dry.  I grabbed a pastel rainbow of colors and loaded up my sponge!

 The colors I used are shown on the sponge (and on the nail from cuticle to free edge) in the following order:
Wet 'n' Wild Blazed
Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet
Sally Hansen Blue Away
Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac
Revlon Gum Drop

I then applied my gradient with my usual technique (dabbing the sponge lightly on the nail in an up and down motion) twice to get the desired opacity, and took a pre clean up photo so you can see how messy your cuticles get during this process. 

Once this was dry, I used an orange wood stick to start to peel the glue up from the skin around my fingers, and was pleasantly surprised at how effective this method was!

These are how my nails looked prior to any additional clean up! There's still some work needing to be done right next to the nail since I didn't want to impact the life of the manicure, but I think with practice that could be less.  I also had some spillover from not realizing just how far a gradient puts polish up your fingers! Again, with more experience, this can be easily avoided.

I then added a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust for some subtle sparkle (I really need to get a full size bottle of this!) and a leopard print using Sinful Colors Black on Black.

I had a ton of fun wearing this manicure! It's so springy with the pastel colors, but the leopard print and the sparkle really add something fun!

So, do you think you'll use Elmer's Glue for easier gradient clean up?  I know I'll be doing a lot more gradients now that it's so much easier!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

World Autism Awareness Day

Happy World Autism Awareness Day!

To celebrate the occasion, and the people with autism that I love, I did a puzzle piece manicure.

This was free handed over a base of White on White by China Glaze with the following colors:
I Red A Good Book - Wet 'n' Wild 
Lemon Shark - Sally Hansen 
Going Green - Sally Hansen
Blue Me Away! - Sally Hansen
Black Noir - Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Striper

I only remembered after finishing this manicure that I have a new green in this shade that isn't a shimmer!  But oh well, I'll use that one next year.

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