Monday, June 30, 2014

Lacquer Legion: On Holiday #LLOnHoliday

Hey guys! Today we have another post for the Lacquer Legion!  Today's theme is "On Holiday" which I interpreted as summer vacation.  When I'm on summer vacation, (and not wasting all my time on the computer looking at nail designs in a dark room) I love to go swimming at the beach! Since I'm in a land locked state, it's really more of a lake, but you get the point.  So today I did bikinis on my nails!

I also added a beach ball on my thumb nail, as it was more round than torso shaped.  And I totally didn't try three different ways to do beach balls before deciding on just filing my nail a little more round.

I've also got a very special bikini on my pinkie, I'm wearing it for the first time today!  If you know what it is (it'll make you sing!) put it in the comments!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Neon Striping Nail Art with Black Light FingerFood Theme Buffet

Hey guys! Today I have a beautiful neon manicure to share with you!  I actually did this mani just for fun, but then realized it totally worked for the FingerFood Theme Buffet prompt this week!

This is a manicure I've done before on my mom, as she LOVES rainbows and neon, but have never done it on myself.  It's a really fun look, and so easy to achieve!

I just started these with a coat of white and then dabbed on neons using the brush from the bottle.  I added a coat of fast drying top coat and waited about 20 minutes before applying pieces of striping tape in fun designs.  I then painted on a thick coat of black polish and removed the tape one nail at a time.

I had a bit of a mishap on my thumb where the polish wasn't as dry as I thought and I pulled some up.  However I was able to fix it with a black striper, and while it isn't perfect, it wasn't super noticeable.

I was also able to get some shots of these with a black light since my boyfriend just got a pen with a black light and flashlight in the top.  These shots aren't as nice as I'd like them to be, but it is a penlight!

The only problem with black light photos is you can see every bit of mess left on my cuticles!  I didn't know there WAS any polish there, but the black light shows all.

You may also have noticed these are on my right hand.  I was actually wearing them at the same time I was wearing the mani from the last FingerFood prompt!

I really loved this mani, even though the purples I used weren't really neon enough to show up with the black light, I still think it's a cool effect!  I wish I'd been able to play laser tag in these, how cool would that have been?

So there you have it, my crazy neon manicure!  What do you think about neons? Are they something you like to wear or are they too much for you?  Don't forget to check out the other ladies' manicures!

Friday, June 27, 2014

FingerFood Theme Buffet: Four Seasons

Hey guys! Today I'm back with another FingerFood Buffet challenge.  The prompt this week was "Seasons" so I took something that I pictured when I thought of each season and painted it on my nails!  However, they ended up looking a little more "four elements" than "four seasons."

The seasons go in order from my index to my pinkie: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.  For Fall I have fire, since Fall makes me think of bonfires in the back yard and the smell of falling leaves.  My middle finger is Winter, which has snow falling through the air.  I topped this one with two different glitter toppers to add extra sparkle.

My ring finger is daisies for Spring, which I did over a sparkly green base to add some fun.  My pinkie is Summer, and even though I live in a land locked state, we have a lot of lakes (16,000 to be more precise) so "Summer" made me think of the beach!

However, when I showed these to my boyfriend, he thought they were the four elements.  "Fire, Air, Earth, and Water."  I guess I can see that too, but it's not exactly what I was going for.

On my thumb I tried to paint a tree going through the changes it would through the four seasons, in the same order that the seasons appeared on my other fingers. It didn't turn out quite like I wanted it to, at least in part because it was too squished onto my thumb, but overall I was happy with it!

So there's my take on "Seasons." What do you think?  How would you have interpreted this?  Make sure to check out the other cool manis from this prompt!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nail Challenge Collaborative: Zebra Stripes

Hey guys!
Today's post for the Nail Challenge Collaborative was inspired by a recent trip to the zoo!  When I was little I always wondered if zebras were white with black stripes, or black with white stripes, so today I've shown both!

The base of the white nails is Sinful Colors Snow Me White and the base of the black nails is Sinful Colors Black on Black.  The line work is done with Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Stripers, and it's all topped with a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust which doesn't show up so well in my photos!

In real life, zebras are black with white stripes, because if you shaved them, their skin is mostly black.  However I think the nails where I started with white look much more zebra like!

This mani is also a hint for tomorrows, which is a reference to a very popular tv show!

Make sure to check out the other ladies' posts!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Finger Paints Poolside Paradise Collection Swatch and Review!

Hey guys! Today is pretty exciting for me, as it's the first time I'm swatching a whole collection!  I was at Sally's the other day, and just couldn't help myself when I saw these beauties... I had to have every one!

 Look at this rainbow of glass fleck gorgeousness!  As you can probably tell from the collage, I do have a favorite... I cant resist pretty blues!

But enough of my blabbing, lets get to the pretties! I'm showing these in rainbow order because I cant help myself, so first off we'll have Be My Baby!

Finger Paints Be My Baby
2 Coats

With flash, to show sparkle
No flash

Be My Baby is a beautiful red/hot pink color.  In some lights it's red, in some it's hot pink!  Either way, it's a gorgeous color with a stunning glass fleck affect.  This applied flawlessly in 2 coats.

Finger Paints Aloha Lei
3 Coats

With flash to show sparkle
Without flash

Aloha Lei is a mix between a bright and burnt orange if that makes any sense.  It has a yellow shimmer, and is just stunning when the light hits it!  This also applied flawlessly and was opaque in 3 coats.

Finger Paints Hula Aruba!
4 Coats

With flash to show sparkle
No flash

Hola Aruba! is a super bright yellow glass fleck.  It was even enough at 2 coats to be worn that way as a sheer polish, but I prefer my polish opaque so I kept going.  This did require 4 coats to be opaque, which usually puts a polish in time out for me.  However, this one is so gorgeous (and did apply flawlessly) that it gets to stay with the rest of the good polish!

Finger Paints Margarita Mambo
4 Coats

With flash to show sparkle
No flash
Still some VNL on index, not visible in person
Margarita Mambo is a cheery light green polish with a yellow shimmer.  It's perfectly springy!  In real life, it would only require 3 perfect coats to be opaque, I just did 4 for the swatch (and you can still see VNL on my index... annoying!) so it gets to stay in the nice polishes pile.

Finger Paints Surf's Up!
2 Coats

With flash to show sparkle
No flash

Surf's Up! is my favorite of the collection, I just love a good blue! I am also currently sporting it on my toes!  It's a beautiful medium blue with a light blue shimmer.  I used 2 perfect coats here, and the VNL you see in the flash picture was not at all visible in real life.

Finger Paints Wild Bikini
2 Coats

With flash to show sparkle
No flash

Wild Bikini is a beautiful pink toned purple with a gorgeous blue shimmer.  This is another favorite in the collection!  It only required 2 flawless coats to be opaque, and that blue shimmer is to die for!


All of these polishes are gorgeous, and absolute winners!  While some of them did require more coats than I prefer to be opaque, I honestly think they're pretty enough to be worth it!  Which of these shades do you see yourself wearing?

*All polish in this post was purchased by me*

Monday, June 23, 2014

Nail Challenge Collaborative: Black and White Polka Dots!

Hey guys! After last week's challenge filled posts, we continue the trend with the Nail Challenge Collaborative!
Today is my second post for The Nail Challenge Collaborative's "Black and White" theme.  Today I was inspired by a pattern I own a lot of, black with white polka dots!

Not only is this what the inside of my nail tote looks like (it only holds 24 polishes, but I still love it for doing manis away from my desk), I also have shoes, a shirt, a dress, and a purse with this pattern.  I just love it!

This is one of the first manis I ever did when I got into nail art, long before I had a blog.  As you can see in the below photo, I wasn't the best photographer, and I didn't know how to edit photos, clean up, water mark, yadda yadda. And I was using bobby pins instead of a dotting tool!

I also didn't have a light box or good camera, so that's my leg in the background.  How professional!

I think it's safe to say everything is better about this mani this time around!  Be sure to check out the other girls' manis too!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

FingerFood Theme Buffet: Marvel Comic Nails!

Hey guys!  I was able to solve my "I love this challenge mani and don't want to take it off!" problem.  I have a friend sleeping over and she let me paint these Marvel comic nails on her for the FingerFood Theme Buffet prompt: Cartoon/Comic!

All her nails are started with two coats of NOPI Yoga Then Yogurt a lovely off white.  Then I used various polishes including NYC Sidewalkers, Sinful Colors Endless Blue, and LA Colors Animated.  If you have questions about the other colors, please ask!

Her pointer finger is Spiderman, her middle is Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, her ring finger is Captain America's shield, and her pinkie is a sound bubble.  She wanted to have Iron Man on one of her nails until she saw what the vintage Iron Man looked like!

On her thumb I wrote "MARVEL" which took multiple tries.  I need to practice my lettering!

This is a lot later that I like to post these challenges, but life got in the way.  Be sure to check out the other ladies' manis for this prompt, there's some really cool ones!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Challenge Your Nail Art: Butterflies

Hey guys!  Today's prompt for the Challenge Your Nail Art group is "Butterflies"  I'm still rocking my bright colors and sunset nails, so thankfully my friend Nadia is amazing and let me paint butterfly nails on her!  Even though she hates posing her hands for photos, she sucked it up for me.

The bases of these nails are all from the Finger Paints Poolside Paradise Collection (the same collection used in my sunset mani from yesterday.) I  used in order of thumb to pinkie: Surf's Up!, Margarita Mambo, Hula Aruba!, Aloha Lei, and Be My Baby.  All of these were opaque in two coats except Margarita Mambo and Hula Aruba! which needed three.

Once the bases were dry, I used my black striper from Diamond Cosmetics to do the black lines, and a dotting tool with Sinful Colors Snow Me White to do the white dots.

I hadn't told her how I was doing these before hand, so she thought I was going to paint on tiny butterflies and was very surprised when I started painting on black lines!  However, she seemed happy with the end result. :)

And here's her "Barbie Hand" pose.

Make sure you check out the other manis in the link up!

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