Thursday, September 18, 2014

CYNA: Pirate Treasure

Hey guys!  I wasn't able to get these up last night because I'm sick (and busy, fun!) and fell asleep by accident.  So today's prompt may be "treasure map," but I'm posting a picture of "treasure" instead.  It's what you find when you follow a treasure map anyway, right?

These were done with several metallic polishes and regular cremes covered with little iridescent glitters to make them look like jewels.

I really liked these, I like how shiny and sparkly the treasure is!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

CYNA Pirates- Oceans

Hey guys!  So you may notice I've been super duper MIA lately.  I just started college, and I am so far not very good at managing my time so that I can do anything other than eat, sleep, and homework. But tonight I decided I needed a brain break, so I did some nail art on a friend who lives on my floor! This manicure is for the Challenge Your Nail Art pirate theme!  The prompt for today is "Oceans" so I decided to interpret this as old maps of oceans from back when people thought the world was flat.  It has a compass rose, sea monster (Here be monstes), pirate ship, writing, and part of a continent. 

These were a lot of fun to do, but sadly she has to take them off tomorrow morning for work. :(  I did her other hand with a geometric design for the Nail Challenge Collaborative that you should be seeing soon!

I'm gonna leave this post short since I still have 2 papers to write and some reading to do before tomorrow... fun huh?

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