Monday, February 23, 2015

NCC: Farm Animals Nail Art

Hey all!  Today I'm posting another manicure for the Nail Challenge Collaborative's "Animals" theme!  This time around I decided to do "Farm Animals" and I even have a little step by step tutorial type thing.

I loved these!  They were adorable and a ton of fun to wear.  Let's get on to the steps!

Almost all of my manis start with me blocking out the shapes of whatever I'll be painting in white.  Here I've used Sally Hansen "White On."

My next step is to add in some of the colors that don't overlap.  This is why some of the designs have only one color added, and some have more than one.  In this case, I filled in the pink on the pig, cow, and bunny, the brown on the cow and chicken, and gray on the sheep.  I also added two blue dots on the bunny for eyes.

My next step is to add in more color.  Here I've added white dots for eyes on the sheep and chicken, black dots for eyes and nose holes on the pig and cow (just eyes on the bunny) and red on the chicken.  You may also notice I've added a beak and waddle in white onto my chicken to go over later with color.

Here you can see the color added to the beak and waddle on the chicken.

The next step is to add detail in black using a detailing brush, and white highlights to the eyes!  As you can see, this manicure looked difficult, but can be broken down into steps to make things easier.

And here are some close ups of each of the animals so you can see the detail on the finished product!






Make sure to check out the other "animal" manicures by the ladies of the NCC!


  1. Love them! And most of them I like the cow :)

    1. Thank you so much! I kinda have a fondness for the cow too :)

  2. So darn cute I can't even stand how cute this is!

  3. This is so freaking adorable, I can't hardly stand it! :P


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