Wednesday, June 24, 2015

NCC: The Marvel Knights

Hey guys!  Today I'm here with the first "Super Heroes/Super Villains" manicure for the Nail Challenge Collaborative.  My manicure today is inspired by the "Marvel Knights," a group of heroes assembled in 1997.  They're the more dark and gritty characters, and their stories tend to be more standalone and less woven into the Marvel universe as a whole.  I have five characters represented here today: Ghost Rider, Elektra, Moon Knight, Daredevil, and the Punisher.

  Ghost Rider is probably most known for the movie starring Nicholas Cage, but he's been a comic book character since 1972.  "Ghost Rider" has been name to a few different people, the first of which being Jonny Blaze, a motorcycle stuntman who sold his soul to the devil of the Marvel universe (Mephisto, an X-Men villain) to save his father's life.  When he is near evil or demonic entities, he uncontrollably transforms into the demonic, skull ablaze, leather clad figure on a flaming motorcycle that you may recognize from the movies.  Below, I have a close up of Ghost Rider with and without glitter (to add dimension to the flames.)

Elektra is a "kunoichi," or a female ninja, and an assassin of Greek descent.  She is also Daredevil's on again off again girlfriend, as her very violent personality keeps them from staying together.  She met Daredevil while in school in the US, (and also the Greek ambassador to the US.)  After this, she was kidnapped (along with her father) by terrorists.  Daredevil is able to save her, but her father dies in the process.  Fueled by revenge, she goes to China to learn from Stick (DD's mentor), but ends up affiliated with an organization opposed to Stick.  After she breaks free from that organization, she kills off the assassin competition in Hell's Kitchen and becomes Kingpin's chief assassin.  All is going well for her in her life as a super villain, until she's instructed to kill Foggy Nelson, Daredevil's best friend and her friend from college.  She is murdered by Bullseye (Daredevil's Joker) and later resurrected by Stone (friend of Stick).  With the help of Wolverine, she is able to atone for her mistakes and be a super hero, not a villain.  Her sai is represented on my index finger.

Moon Knight is represented by his crescent moon insignia on my middle finger.  His real name is Marc Spector, who started out as a heavyweight boxer.  He abandoned that trade for work in the military, and was escorting some archaeologists on a dig in Egypt when his adventure started.  The archaeologists were digging in a temple, and discover the moon god Konshu, along with treasure.  The other military officer with them on the dig kills one of the archaeologists and beats Marc half to death so that he can steal the treasure.  Marc is left to die in the desert and is found by a group of Egyptian people.  These people bring Marc back to the temple just as his heart stops.  Marc has a vision and sees Konshu, who offers him a chance at life again.  In exchange, Marc must act as Konshu's avatar on earth.  Marc gets his revenge and a costume, and dons the name "Moon Knight."

Daredevil (Matt Murdock) was a regular little kid until he was blinded one day while trying to save a blind man from being hit by a truck carrying hazardous waste.  However, Matt was hit instead, and the waste spilled into his eyes, rendering him blind.  Soon after, his father was killed and Matt was sent to an orphanage.  There he met his mentor, Stick, who taught him how to fight without seeing (This was easier as Matt was already able to "see" a little bit using his other senses).  This was just a dormant skill while Matt lived his life as a lawyer, having a partnership with his best friend Foggy.  However, when Kingpin started to wreak havoc in Hell's Kitchen, Matt stepped up to the plate with his Daredevil persona.

And last, but definitely not least, we have the Punisher.  The Punisher's real name is Frank Castle, and he was a Vietnam war vet believed to be psychotic before going to war.  However, the horrors of war broke down his psyche even more, and he became a very troubled person.  He found work as a police officer, but snapped when the mob (who he was trying to take down) killed his wife and two children.  He quit the force and started murdering criminals in an attempt to get his revenge.  As a result of his murderous ways, he does not get along very well with other heroes, who tend to leave the villains alive due to their moral code.

Be sure to check out the other super manis in the challenge!

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